The rhetoric and tactics of Hamas and other groups resisting Israeli occupation and colonization can be brutal (though far less so than Israel). Propagandists try to attribute this to anti-Semitism, to distract from the fact that these groups are resisting having their country stolen and their people dispossessed and annihilated. Native American resistance to European colonizers was sometimes extremely brutal, as was their rhetoric, but everyone universally recognizes that this was not because of “anti-White-ism”, or “anti-European-ism”, but because they were having their land stolen and their people massacred, the same thing that Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ebola scare fabricated by US media to make profit

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American lies brought to you an Iraq war and hundreds of thousands dead. American lies recently brought us the barbarism of Ukraine. American lies next forced all to bear witness to contrived atrocities in Syria and accept fabricated excuses for hundreds of dead children in Gaza.

American lies now bring you Ebola.

To begin, consider:

­- The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the epicenter for all worldwide media information and purported credibility about Ebola, is a for­profit, publicly traded, private corporation with a very dark, sinister and criminal past.

­- On April 29, 2010, the CDC acquired the patent and ownership for the Zaire Ebola Virus (ZEBOV). By doing so, it acquired rights for all pending bio­engineered forms of the heinous virus, including vaccines and infection tests.

­- A clinical study in 2010 has shown a very promising, effective and simple cure for Ebola to be already available worldwide; Ascorbic acid. Vitamin C.

The CDC tells you no cure currently exists for Ebola. A lie. Attention is required. The plot is deep, the crimes many. The reason, of course, money, profit, greed and power.

The culprit: the enemy of humanity. America. Its weapon, of course; fear. Our antidote; knowledge.

The world knows well that Americans are too easily scared into disproportionate overreaction. So does their government.

Dutifully, your press hid the fact that rational EU and West African countries are no longer using any CDC Ebola infection statistics, because they are wrong. 69 percent of all reported Ebola cases have not been tested to confirm the supposed positive result, which requires blood analysis.

Why? There is no accurate, early warning test for Ebola infection. None. As such, death from Malaria, Cholera, and insect bites are being counted as Ebola victims merely because their symptoms are similar.

Indeed, the US Department of Defense (DOD) manual titled “Joint Project Manager Medical Countermeasures Systems”, dated August 14, 2014, states, “[The PCR Ebola test] should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions.”

The report, documented by investigative journalist Jon Rappaport ,leads him to conclude that the diagnostic test called PCR, is in reality, “utterly unreliable and useless,” in showing Ebola infection before outward symptoms become obvious.

However this past week, Tom Frieden, the head of the CDC, in referring to the three US cases centered in Texas, called the PCR test “a very accurate test.”


Worse, for CDC believers, was the front page headline in Monrovia, Liberia’s largest news paper, the “Liberia Observer,” on Sept 9, 2014, that claimed Ebola was being deliberately propagated by US Aid troops.

Titled “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?” the article was authored by Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry, who states this Ebola is a genetically modified, man­made organism (GMO).

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has been up to no good with vaccines for a decade across central Africa, most recently manifesting in the last few years into US troops and multiple US wars of exceptionalism. Buried in all this American insurrection have been many reports of secret vaccine programs.

To test a vaccine, however, requires infected human patients who are not always in steady supply. With the CDC owning Ebola, it is a safe conclusion that a steady supply of test subjects was only a few inoculations away. Past evidence indicates this to be true.

The other player in this facade of healthcare is the World Health Organization (WHO). When troops aren’t available, WHO does the dirty work on behalf of CDC, disguised as health care. Their weapon: vaccines.

A Scientific American article on April 16, 2013, “How the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All,” documents the US Military’s involvement in WHO style vaccine programs in Pakistan and Nigeria despite overwhelming public opposition.

Pakistani Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission (PMIC), headed by Malik Amjad Noon, recommended that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani immediately suspend the administration of all types of vaccines funded by the aid group GAVI. He did.

Adding further credibility to Ebola being a manufactured event is a report showing that the DOD gave a contract worth USD 140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research involving the injection and infusing of healthy of humans with Ebola.

The DOD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715), which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.

It has also been reported from multiple sources that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leon, right near where the first reports of infection became international news just seven months ago.

The first internal symptoms of Ebola are much the same as the old seaman’s disease, scurvy, which is caused by inadequate vitamin C. Though scurvy is not usually fatal , scurvy represents only a partial deficiency of vitamin C, and the body still has substantial vitamin C, not zero, which Ebola causes.

Absent any vitamin C, blood vessels become very weak and start to lose blood, and platelets become ineffective and unable to trigger clots. So death by Ebola is caused by massive internal hemorrhaging; hence the name; hemorrhagic fever.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is openly threatening sellers of natural remedies that might be useful for slowing or stopping Ebola.

The FDA recently threatened three companies with criminal prosecution if they didn’t take steps to dissociate their products from Ebola. One company, the Natural Solutions Foundation, has since claimed that governments are actively seizing its colloidal silver shipments to African nations in order to prevent Ebola victims from ever being treated with it.

Naturally, complicit criminals in national media are barred from telling the public about any possible cure, much less an inexpensive one. Greed and profit mean that media will not tell you about the 2010 study by Prof.

So, while the world waits for big­pharma to concoct another “miracle” vaccine to save us all from the new black plague, people die, and media stokes the embers of manufactured fear and existing treatments are left out of the discussion.


If, as evidence continues to mount, the Ebola outbreak’s origin was in Sierra Leone, and deliberate, that would have insidious benefits for corrupt and influential corporations in West Africa. As the world’s largest supplier of diamonds, Sierra Leone is on strike, refusing to provide diamonds due to horrible working conditions and slave pay.

The Western slave masters refuse to pay a fair wage for the resources. The idea is to keep the workers remaining a source of cheap slave labor forever. Corporations control military agendas, and the diamond cartels are some of the historically most entrenched. Hence, it is highly plausible that Ebola is the new “reason” for getting troops on the ground in Sierra Leone to end the Diamond Miners’ strikes.

Instead of the 2,000 trained doctors already sent by Cuba, 3,000 additional US troops have been sent to West Africa to combine with thousands already doing the work of the empire in at least a dozen African countries.

Public health is not high on the US agenda. In the conquest of foreign resources, including stealing Nigerian Oil, forcing Sierra Leone back into diamond mining using these troops may be an added bonus.

For Africans who are foolish enough to willingly take a “vaccine,” they may soon become a CDC news statistic.

However, back in the US homeland, the probable epicenter of Ebola, daily news cycles are shaping up the American public for complying with the dictats of a tidy nationwide pandemic.

Duncan, contract Ebola?

Not taking any chances with popular opinion getting in the way, in July, US President Barack Obama signed into law an amendment to Executive Order 13295, which redefines who can be forcefully quarantined and why.

This adjustment now means that any police officer or ‘health official’ can, without question, and on suspicion alone, quarantine anyone simply for showing any sign of “respiratory illness.” Not just Ebola.

Events continue to move rapidly this past week with the US president fabricating a new Federal government power­point, the aptly named, ‘Ebola Czar.” Of course, Ron Klain, has no track record at all in healthcare or emergency services, which would seem pre­requisites for this job.

A review of his resume shows that Klain is the consummate insider with a proven track record of doing and saying what he is told, and shutting up in between. The perfect propaganda mouth piece. Long discarded for no reason is the US Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. §1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) that was passed on June 18, 1878, and updated in 1981, that restricts US Federal troops from operating on US soil.

So naturally, this week it was announced the formation of Ebola “Quick-Strike” teams,” of thirty members each to be ready to respond to the predicted future outbreaks within seventy­two hours. Presumably, weapons in hand.

As referenced in a previous article, the US Congress has already effected binding legislation to steal the personal savings of its citizens. Contained in Title II of the 2010 Dodd­Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is the exact language of how American will have little left of their savings when the fiscal collapse arrives at their doors.

In preparation for the admittedly inevitable financial collapse, this past week also saw the latest “stress test” regarding the acknowledged “too big to fail” banks.

Although the names of the three banks were not revealed, it was admitted that one each from the USA, the UK and the EU would participate. The results have not been revealed either, but the timing applied to the bankrupt realities of all three sponsoring nations is conspicuous at best.

The ongoing, duplicitous CDC lie is that Ebola is “difficult to catch.” It is not airborne, but being in close proximity to an Ebola victim is like being next to someone with the flu; contamination from coughs and sneezes go a long way and are infectious.

Plane travel, bus travel, and school class rooms are potential problem environments. On one breath CDC says infections in West Africa are almost out control, but in America CDC minimizes the risk.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blackwater Toadies Arrested

"Blackwater was a part of an unlawful global war that was borderless in nature, launched by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, with the support of Democrats in the U.S. Congress, and President Obama has continued to use mercenary forces. None of the people that unleashed these forces on the world, at the highest levels, are being held accountable. Dick Cheney’s not going to be held accountable. Donald Rumsfeld’s not going to be held accountable. Erik Prince, the billionaire owner of—founder of Blackwater, who has now started another mercenary firm targeting Africa, backed by Chinese capital, he’s not going to be held accountable for this. It’s just like at Abu Ghraib, where the low-level people who did the actual torture, they get held accountable."

There are not "two sides." There is one occupier, one ethnic cleanser, one apartheid state, one home demolisher, one land confiscater. Before there was Hamas, Fatah, the PLO or any other group, there was land theft, ethnic cleansing & massacre of indigenous Palestinians.

Supporters of Palestine must always relate today’s massacres to the original sin of colonization of the land which Israel has claimed for its own and the dispossession of its indigenous people.

Israel makes lots of money each time it creates a massacre of Gaza where it tests its many weapons on civilians. According to the new Israeli documentary, The Lab, and interviews with past generals who are now major arms dealers, Israeli arm exports increase by $2 billion per year every time there is an attack on Gaza where weapons are "tested".
2003:The Plan for Genocide in Gaza and Judaization in Galilee-- Israel has made it clear it has no intention of turning Gaza and remnants of the West Bank into any kind of Palestinian state. A senior Israeli analyst stated bluntly in 2002 that Gaza would serve as “the penal colony” of Israel, its “Devil’s Island, Alcatraz.” This Palestinian prison is already completely surrounded by electric fences on land and sea access is blocked by the Israeli navy. A 100-meter strip on the Egyptian border, where Palestinian houses were systematically destroyed, will be maintained and controlled by Israel, and Egypt will be bullied into assisting in the policing of the prison. To activate this plan in full, the settlers had to be moved out of harm’s way. Ran HaCohen wrote in early 2004: “There is thus no reason for Israel to sit inside of Alcatraz, with its endless poverty and water shortage, unemployment and hopelessness; let the prisoners run their own lives while we sit safely all around it and watch the prisoners perish”. “Every time they have a cease-fire, but then everything comes back: the siege, the closures,” said Wedad al-Jarba, who was at the hospital, where her two-and-a-half-year-old grandson, Maher, was being admitted with a skull fracture. Israel “never agreed on anything real,” she said.

They are destroying Pax Americana for Pax Judaica

Those who planned to replace Pax Americana with Pax Judaica began plotting America’s fall even before the demise of Pax Britannica. The seeds of America’s collapse were sown at a meeting of Rothschild associated bankers on November 22, 1910 when they drafted legislation to create the Federal Reserve bank.

Zionist Holocaust

The fact that some two thirds of the hated Jewish Councils (Judenrat) were Zionists, tells us something about Zionism, remembering that Zionists were only a small minority of European Jewry.

In Amsterdam as in Warsaw, in Berlin as in Budapest, Jewish officials could be trusted to compile the lists of anti-Zionist persons and of their property, to secure money from the deportees to defray the expenses of their deportation and extermination, to keep track of vacated apartments, to supply police forces to help seize Jews and get them on trains, until, as a last gesture, they handed over the assets of the Jewish community in good order for final confiscation. They distributed the Yellow Star badges, and sometimes, as in Warsaw, ‘the sale of the armbands became a regular business; there were ordinary armbands of cloth and fancy plastic armbands which were washable.

The Real Jews Said It over a Hundred Years Ago!

" We have already shown that there has never been such a misfortune as Zionism and there never will be again. (Introduction to Daas Harabbanim, 1902, p. 22) Imagine how it will be if, G-d forbid, the idea of Zionism becomes a reality. Then the sinners will be kings, the troublemakers will be high officials, and the young snakes will be leaders. Then your enemies will rule over you!" (Introduction to Daas Harabbanim, 102)Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Rothenberg,rabbi of Piltz, Russiaf4f4c5 (c. 1902)